What is it to Inspire?

Creativity is a by-product of inspiration. It comes in the form of a response to the inspiration itself.

In an extensive report written by Scott Barry Kaufman, Ph.D., he states that:

“The researchers also looked at outcomes. Trait inspiration was related to various majors, but showed its highest levels among students majoring in the humanities, such as art, religion, and philosophy– all fields concerned with transcendent values such as beauty, goodness, and truth. There were also linkages to creativity. Those scoring high on the Inspiration Scale reporting viewing themselves as more creative and showed increases in self-ratings of creativity over time. Additionally, patent-holding inventors reported being inspired more frequently and intensely than non-patent holders, and the higher the frequency of inspiration, the higher the number of patents held. This link to creativity is consistent with transcendent aspect of inspiration, since creativity involves seeing possibility beyond existing constraints.”

The most beautiful thing about inspiration is that it does not fall within the constraints of money, time, or social status. If you have an open mind and attitude, you will be more excited and enthusiastic about your life and pursuits within. Having a positive mental attitude is important, however, the study also suggests that inspiration surpasses the achievement of a goal. It is more about the experience of something new.